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We've got somethings we want to get off our chest.

Raised by style and the thought that people should do business with integrity, We are not business as usual. As such, our blog isn’t your typical B2B blog. Your’re going to find real stories about real professionals making the world a better place, unbiased advice, and a whole lot of Sass.

Inside the Chamber

Episode #5 | L!VISIBLE

Ever wonder what happens when activism, passion and entrepreneurship intertwine? Join Darien as he talks to Reesheda Graham Washington, owner of L!VE Cafe and find out. They will unpack being Black in Business, the L!VISIBLE Business Coalition and living in a real-life revolution.
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Episode #12 | Tradition, Warriors & Common Ground

Ever wonder what a forty-something, white, established business owner, with two kids has in common with a young, black, gay, chronically single, entrepreneur? Well, there's a lot of common ground discovered in this conversation with Oak Park Village Trustee Dan Moroney. Growing up in Oak Park and the shared legacy of being OPRF alums, these two Oak Parkers discuss social justice warriors, bad branding in the face of authentic politics, backing up passion with facts, and why we should vote for the Rock for president.
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Inside The Chamber Episode #8 - Tall Buildings, Burgers & Throw Pillows

It's no secret that there are a few new highrises that have gone up in the past few years in Oak Park, but who is living in them and where are they coming from? Join us as we get to know Casey Gustafson, leasing agent for the new Eleven33 property on Oak Park's South Blvd. Casey will give us the inside scoop on what it's like to be a newcomer to Oak Park, about the hunger for high rise living and how our fabulous business organization gave Casey a community to call his own.
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Episode #7 | Speaking Up with Erika Bachner

Our Village trustees have a lot to manage these days and River Forest Trustee Erika Bachner is no different. She has been a champion of minority rights for years and we were thrilled to have her join us in the studio to talk about advocating for undocumented members of our community, LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and diversity in River Forest in the age of the BLM movement.
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🗣 Listen up!

Hi Friends,  I was shopping at Best Buy last week, and noticed something rather odd… there was nothing on the shelves. I’d stopped in to look at buying a camera. In fact, I’d decided on one but they were sold out! I thought to myself, how many people are taking up photography during this pandemic? I put

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Hi Friends,  It’s been a minute since I’ve written to you guys. It seems like every day we are getting busier and busier at D.M. Burton. As if the growth of the business wasn’t enough, I also have some BIG personal news… I’m a daddy!! A little over a week ago I welcomed Alfalfador Travis Sprout

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We’ll keep on fighting 👊🏾 till the end

Hi Friends,  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Which at this point in 2020, is normal. It seems like every time I write one of these emails there is some sweeping new headline. This week there isn’t; we are still talking about Black Lives. Since we’ve swapped out our traditional marketing plan to one the highlights

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‘Everybody got the game figured out all wrong.’

That last email was heavy, how’d it leave you feeling? I’m genuinely curious. If I am being completely honest It made me a little uncomfortable.  I’ve used my voice to speak up in the past, my discomfort comes from experience.  When I started my professional journey I was taught that businesses shouldn’t take political stances. 

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Black, Bold, & Beautiful.

At D.M. Burton we believe that Black Lives Matter because Black lives are under attack, and have been since our nation’s founding. Not only do Black Lives Matter, they are also worthy, innovative, and inspirational. This country was built by free slave labor based on race, some of the greatest innovations our country has produced

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Lunch with Darien Marion-Burton

“the relationships I have built there are valuable beyond money.”

OPRF Chamber honors Member of the Year at annual meeting

“I was in this room and thought, ‘maybe next year, it will be me ‘”

Pedal Pub is wheeling toward Quad-Cities...

“It’s a new idea. We want to make sure we’re doing this in a safe manner” 

Village hall takes to social media

The village of Forest Park is planning to offer its own Facebook page to share announcements and pertinent information with residents.

Support from Within: How Black-Owned Businesses Are Showing Support for Their Community

Although the free consulting is a major way that DM Burton gives back to the community, it’s not the only way