Our marketing consultants go above and beyond the normal agency expectations. We will be there for you when you need us most.

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Meet Our Marketing Consultants

We know the world has turned upside down and at this time small businesses are feeling uncertain. From our political climate to a once in a lifetime Pandemic, things can seem scary. While most of our competitors just look at the bottom line, we pride ourselves on customer service and making sure your business makes an impact. From bringing you your favorite coffee during one of our chats, to coming to your events to show our support, we’re here for you every step of the way. As a diverse staff, we believe in multiculturalism and that every walk of life brings something different to the table. That’s why we don’t want to just know about your business, we also want to know about you. With under 24 hour responses to emails, texts, and phone calls, we want to make sure your business’s needs are satisfied.

The Marketing Consultants

Mark Swinnie

Content Creator
Mark Swinnie (he/him) was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Bolingbrook, Illinois. He graduated from Oglethorpe with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration in Spring 2020. During his time in college, Mark spent a semester abroad studying European Communications in The Hague, Netherlands, worked for Oglethorpe university’s special events department, and served on the executive boards of several student-led organizations. At D.M. Burton Mark uses the skills he’s developed over the past four years to come up with fresh graphics that help small business owners build and establish their unique online brand identity. Mark’s strong suit is graphic design, but he also has a passion for video editing, photography, and creative direction. He is a Virgo with a love for off-beat podcasts, clouds, and the color pink.

Eli Stirling

Director of Design

Rachel Hardie

Sales & Account Executive

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