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We helped open Pedal Pub Quad Cities in the summer of 2019. During their opening weekend they did $19,000 in business, gained 3,000+ followers on social media and had over 10 press mentions. Check out more details of our work with them below.

Pedal Pub Quad Cities chose us to launch their Social Media presence. Within three days they had over 4,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook. We helped them manage their post engagements and maintained an 98% response rate within 3 hours. This led to a consistent and measurable revenue stream from social media. Today they still receive the overwhelming amount of their leads through their Facebook Page and other social media.

Check out some of our work with them below.

D.M. Burton served as the public face of Pedal Pub Quad Cities. During the business’ launch there were over 15 press mentions, 3 live recorded segments, and a podcast produced around the announcement of the business.  All these press inquiries were handled by D.M. Burton and all on air appearances were made by our firm namesake, Darien Marion-Burton. 

Check out our LIVE interview on Living Local and Podcast with Quad Cities Beer below.

Pedal pub quad cities came to us when they had just purchased their franchise. Getting in on the ground floor allowed our team to set and maintain an impeccable standard since the beginning. While the bulk of our work was concentrated on the marketing and public relations side of things, we also helped them strategically develop the business. From making critical connection with local officials to joining the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce on their behalf our team was the fully outsourced Marketing and sales department for the business.

Check out ‘How’d it Happen?” below to learn more about our work; while your looking make sure to review their business launch plan. 

Even though they are a franchise, Pedal Pub Quad Cities wanted us to build them an irresistible brand that would resonate with their local market. When you are bringing a national brand into a hyper local market, you must capture the attention of the local community. We kept the Pedal Pub National Brand look and feel, but brought in local elements of the community to give it a more grassroots feel. 

Check out the logo design below!

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what does a marketing agency do

Listen Up!

We love our community, and our community loves us. The OPRF Chamber sought the Services of D.M. Burton and became one of our first clients in 2018. Since then we’ve been helping them revamp the Chamber’s image from an ‘Old Boys Club’ to a vibrant, hip, socially conscious organization. 

 In 2018 we approached the OPRF Chamber of commerce with a bold idea, to barter a high-value membership in exchange for our social media services. Two year’s into our relationship, we’re still bartering and making magic happen. In the last year, posts from the Chamber of Commerce have reached over 164,000 users, they’ve gained over 400 followers, and were shared over 600 times.

Check out their feed below!

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, We approached the chamber about another BIG idea, a podcast. A hop, skip, and tons of editing later, we released, Inside The Chamber. Where every week we’re taking a deep dive into topics relevant to our small business community, through interviewing some of the most innovative and influential business leaders. By sharing our collective expertise, we will empower you to use your own skill-set to achieve ultimate success in your business & life.

Check out our podcast below!

In addition to our podcast and work on their social media, we’re also helping the chamber become more, “cool.” Although Liz and her team are pretty frickin’ rad without our help! We’ve helped them “style” the 360 bar at their annual bite night in 2020 and In 2019 we helped shoot their board photo and give it a Hollywood twist. And you might have seen us on a golf cart of two!

Check out the board photo we styled for them in 2019 below!

...Seriously, they love us

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When COVID-19 hit the Village of Forest Park had to act quickly to find ways to distribute information to its residents in a safe and timely manner. They choose to work with D.M. Burton to Launch a Facebook Page for the Village and distribute vital information quickly and efficiently.

When Covid struck, they saw an immediate need to modernize their communications strategies and join the world of social media. In our first two months they were able to reach over 1,500 followers. They made over 189,000 impressions, and had over 800 shares. This was the largest reach the village had experienced in a digital environment since their founding. 

Check out their feed below!

Due to the Village’s Social Media being an official method of communication, we have to take extra steps to make sure we are archiving the pages data properly and ready for a  FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to produce that data. This isn’t as easy as downloading the page, you have to pull a real time snapshot every millisecond becausePeople can change comments, edit them and delete them. We make sure the Village is protected against that.