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Inside the Chamber is a project between the Oak Park and River Forest Chamber of Commerce and D.M. Burton. The OPRF Chamber advocates, and provides network and resources for our small business community. D.M. Burton is a Creative digital marketing start-up homegrown in the OPRF Community. 

Every week we’re taking a deep dive into topics relevant to our small business community, through interviewing some of the most  D.M. Burton is a Creative digital marketing start-up homegrown in the OPRF Community. innovative and influential business leaders. By sharing our collective expertise, we will empower you to use your own skill-set to achieve ultimate success in your business & life.

Inside the chamber

A unique collaboration

A collaboration between OPRF Chamber and D.M. Burton to develop a Podcast series to discuss/share relevant business topics with our small business community. This initiative will  help us continue to build on our core values of being a resource, providing network, and advocating for small business.

Liz and Darien Marion

Some of our favs

Inside The Chamber Episode #5 | L!VISIBLE

Ever wonder what happens when activism, passion and entrepreneurship intertwine? Join Darien as he talks to Reesheda Graham Washington, owner of L!VE Cafe and find out. They will unpack being Black in Business, the L!VISIBLE Business Coalition and living in a real-life revolution.
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Inside The Chamber Episode #12 | Tradition, Warriors & Common Ground

Ever wonder what a forty-something, white, established business owner, with two kids has in common with a young, black, gay, chronically single, entrepreneur? Well, there's a lot of common ground discovered in this conversation with Oak Park Village Trustee Dan Moroney. Growing up in Oak Park and the shared legacy of being OPRF alums, these two Oak Parkers discuss social justice warriors, bad branding in the face of authentic politics, backing up passion with facts, and why we should vote for the Rock for president.
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Inside The Chamber Episode #8 - Tall Buildings, Burgers & Throw Pillows

It's no secret that there are a few new highrises that have gone up in the past few years in Oak Park, but who is living in them and where are they coming from? Join us as we get to know Casey Gustafson, leasing agent for the new Eleven33 property on Oak Park's South Blvd. Casey will give us the inside scoop on what it's like to be a newcomer to Oak Park, about the hunger for high rise living and how our fabulous business organization gave Casey a community to call his own.
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Inside The Chamber Episode #7 | Speaking Up with Erika Bachner

Our Village trustees have a lot to manage these days and River Forest Trustee Erika Bachner is no different. She has been a champion of minority rights for years and we were thrilled to have her join us in the studio to talk about advocating for undocumented members of our community, LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and diversity in River Forest in the age of the BLM movement.
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Inside The Chamber Episode #6 | Supporting LGBT Businesses

Liz Holt, Executive Director from our OPRF Chamber joins as a co-host to a chat with Jerome' Holston, the Executive Director of the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. There was a lot this June that co-opted Pride month, but we are taking it back and refocusing on what matters to us - engaging LGBT employees, getting certified as an LGBT business and how we all can support LGBT businesses in our community and throughout Chicagoland.
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Inside The Chamber Episode 2 | Majamas Earth "Small to Big"

We speak to Majamas owner, Germaine Caprio, about taking your retail brand from brick and mortar to a digital platform while protecting your brand as it becomes accessible worldwide on the web.
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