Why Every Business Needs to be on Social Media

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Once upon a time, businesses had no choice but to do old school marketing. They had to hire people for pennies on the dollar to pass out fliers, do radio adverts, TV commercials, and take out full-page ads in the newspapers. How time-consuming, how frustrating and how ineffective. True, back in the day these were necessary evils, but, with the magic of the internet, businesses now have a direct channel to get in touch with their audience. Now with the unparalleled presence of social media, any marketing maverick with half a brain has their audience at their fingertips without having to get up off their butts. How do they do it? Through social media pages, of course. If your business isn’t on at least one social media platform, you’re missing out on the easiest leads of your life.

They’re Free, Mother F#*%er

When I first started attempting to write this blog, I stared and stared at a blank screen because there is absolutely no reason not to be on at least one social media platform – and I assumed everyone already knew that! Then I remembered people like my grandpa: smart and business savvy, but afraid to get with the times. The times, however, are changing. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Tumblr all offer free platforms for your business. They may be a little time consuming to start up, but once you have them, they’re available for easy access. Literally, the only cost associated with them is your time. Many also offer extended services. Twitter, for example, can allow you to have “promoted” tweets. Pay a little money to get your tweet promoted and suddenly you are front and center on everyone’s pages.

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Hello? Are you there? It’s Me, Business.

Being able to be on social media also allows for easy access to your audience. If, for example, you have a Facebook or Twitter page, you can post your latest promotions, QR codes, and coupons that consumers can take, turn around, and use in your establishment. It also allows you to have an open forum for your guests to post positive reviews, criticisms, feedback, and give you the chance to reply to open criticism directly. A guest didn’t like a certain product? You can immediately respond to them, own up to mistakes and make yourself more credible and get your side of the story out there too, if say, the claim is totally bogus.

Do I know You?

You can be a beautiful 10/10 man or woman, but the minute you open your mouth and only trash comes out, that number can drop drastically. Sure, some people will be vain and only go for the glitz and glam, but oftentimes people are smart enough to know that, while even the most homely person can look like a 2, but the minute they show they have substance and true character, they become one of the most beautiful people in the world. That’s why influencers are make-or-break to certain audiences: you have to appeal to the audience you want to grab. People are always going to scrutinize you, and if all you have is a pretty storefront with nothing inside, people are going to quickly balk away from your business. Having an in-depth Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr can give you the chance to really show what your brand is all about and show the real beauty of your company. 

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You’re Never Alone

Say one day you’re cruising through Facebook and you see your friend liked a page for the new Chiropractor in town. You click on it because after that last 10-mile run you gave yourself a bad case of shin splints. You peruse their page seeing all the pics, reviews, and fun runs. You immediately feel like these guys are your friends. Now you’re looking at their website. You love them and your fingers are already furiously typing in their office number to book an appointment and now this company is your BFF.

My point is that in this hypothetical world the person didn’t know the company existed five minutes ago. By being on social media, having a stunning page, and having loyal clients that liked/commented on their page, this hypothetical business has already broadened their brand – without having to lift a finger!

Don’t Believe me? 

Whether you’re a glutton for punishment or a grump who doesn’t believe in the new-fangled technology is irrelevant. If you refuse to get with the times and get on social media you are literally harming your lively hood – A.K.A. your business. As previously stated, most of the aforementioned sites are free, and if you aren’t willing to try something new to help your brand, you aren’t willing to help it flourish. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Invite a few repeat customers, and watch your leads grow.

Written by: Lauren Anderson

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