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4 style resolutions for 2019

Because dressing badly is so, 2018.

It’s finally 2019, you know what that means! It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions.  While everyone looks forward to the major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, or even Thanksgiving, I don’t think that New Years gets enough credit. What other holiday allows you to shed all the mistakes of the past year and start fresh? I mean, honestly, how else are you going to be able to excuse all those pieces of chocolate cake?

Let’s be honest, while a fresh start is great and all, it often times gets overshadowed by the dreaded “R” word… resolutions. Sadly, last year was not the year you left your “non-gym going, fast food eating” bad habits behind and if we are honest with ourselves, this year won’t be either. Everyone is going to go around proclaiming, “New Year, New me.”  but you are the same you, and unless you can learn from your past, history is doomed to repeat itself.

This year, simply resolve to do better, make your resolutions more obtainable. Try not to say “I am going to lose weight” or  “I am going to go to the gym more than twice a week and eat at least 2 healthy meals per day”, instead try to set small attainable goals. S.M.A.R.T. goals, people. SMART stands for; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

We hear a lot of people say they are resolving to dress better, but simply saying those words without an action plan doesn’t work. Make your goals measurable and break them down… or just follow along with our 2019 style resolutions! They are as follows;
Wear better undergarmentsWear better undergarments

#1. Wear better undergarments

#2. Wear jeans that fit your shape

#3. Stop wearing T-Shirts that don’t fit

#4. No more ugly sneakers

Wear better undergarments

Growing up I under-appreciated getting underwear as a gift. I mean, who wants underwear when you are really hoping your parents got you that cool new lego set? It’s just disappointing. But you know what else is disappointing? When your hot date is about to take off your underwear and their hand or finger gets snagged on a piece of your ripped underwear. Talk about embarrassing! I mean, do you want to go down on someone who has messed up underwear? No! Jokes aside, having great underwear makes you feel like a bad-ass. Nothing makes you feel more confident then knowing your goodies are secure, and don’t even get us started on the feeling that wearing new socks gives you. It’s kinda like angels are speaking to your feet. Simply put, having better underwear translates to feeling more confident.

This resolution goes beyond making sure you don’t have old and dingy underwear with holes in them. You gotta invest in your undies! I swear by SAXX, their tagline is “Life Changing Underwear”, and boy does it. It’s like your boys are on vacation. Take you feet on the comfy train with you and put them in some Happy Socks. Literally, these are the only socks I wear. Happy Socks, or no Socks. Get with it.

Only wear jeans that fit

Hopefully, 2019 will bring the end of your Diaper Butt. If you don’t know what Diaper Butt is, chances are you have it. Diaper Butt occurs when your pants don’t fit properly and only a portion of your but fills out the pant thus leaving the rest of your pants to bunch at the bottom resembling a diaper. Let’s end this true American tragedy. We are getting to the point that rigged denim jeans are a thing of the past; they all have stretch in them now. However, I have seen Diaper butt on the rise… I don’t get it, let’s stop it together.

The only way to get around this is to just make sure your jeans fit. It doesn’t matter who makes them; so long as they cup your butt and hold it close. It’s not that hard to turn around check your butt. JUST. DO. IT.  

Stop wearing tees that don’t fit.

Sadly, most people are walking around with tee shirts that don’t fit. Yes, oversized tee shirts were a gift from the streetwear gods, but that doesn’t mean you can wear your normal tee shirts like this. The beauty in the t-shirt is it’s simplicity; it’s supposed to be an easy piece of clothing thus, the rules for how it should fit are pretty simple.

Ideally, the stitching around the arm hole should wrap around the joint connecting your arm and shoulder. If the stitching is in your chest, your shirt is too tight. Normally, that isn’t the issue. Normally the shirt is too big and the stitching is further down on your arm. That is not okay, that is not a good fit. While you can get away with it in some cases; wearing a shirt that is too large for you, often times works against you and leads to a more bulky look.

Another problem area when it comes to t-shirts is length. A proper fitting t-shirt should stop at the widest part of the hip, essentially, hovering over your butt. T-shirts that are too long will shorten the legs and make you look stumpy. If the t-shirt is too big, you’ll end up looking like an overgrown child.   

No more ugly sneakers

2018 gave us the ugly sneaker trend. Everywhere you looked chunky silhouettes and bright crazy colors were popping up everywhere. Likewise, wearing run-down sneakers and shoes until they fall apart has been an issue in male wardrobing since the beginning of time. I get that your converse from high school are super comfy and aren’t falling part **TOO** much, but it can’t be a thing anymore. Get rid of them.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Balenciaga, but everyone and their dad wearing the dreaded chunky sneakers has got to go. First and foremost, most people don’t wear the trend right. When it was featured on the runway it was paired with wide leg pants, now all the kids are wearing them with skinny jeans and it doesn’t work. Bro, your feet look like some sailboats. Don’t get us wrong, this type of shoe has changed the course of modern footwear, and it does look good in some circumstances but they are not for everyday wear. Sincerely, 2019, please don’t let us down on this one. It has got to go. Let’s hope they are out faster than the Rick Owen’s sock-shoe. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of this trend, look it up. It is exactly how it is written. It was a sock-shoe like a sock, with a shoe attached.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is another bad trend that needs to go, your old, worn-out gym shoes. How much support do you think the bent out of shape Nikes actually provide? How about that pair of old and comfy Vans you wear everywhere on the weekend? You know, the ones with holes in them…  they have got to go. While this rule should apply to all garments that have passed their prime, we wanted to give a special nod to the gym shoe. So keep those sneakers still sneaking.

When you’re picking out your shoes in 2019, think clean. You can go bold; a cool pair of blue suede sneakers or a baroque purple patent leather loafer are totally sick style coups. Gym shoes and sneakers are becoming more and more diverse, play with materials, colors, toe shape, but please don’t pick up that pair of “ugly sneakers” in your closet.

Well folks, there you have it. To remain stylish in 2019 follow our blog by subscribing below.  

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