Five Black Men in Fashion you Should Know

And get into your closet immediately

February is Black History Month, we hope you knew that. In celebration, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite Black male designers. Don’t worry, we are releasing a list of phenomenal black women designers soon as well! I must say, as a black man, compiling this list was a such an empowering experience. Not only do I hope to one day have the ability to work with these amazing guys, but also, I hope a little chubby black kid questioning his identity in Chicago will read this and it will empower him. He needs it, speaking from experience.

Kerby Jean-Raymond

Luxury fashion and trendy streetwear have lived in separate parts of the fashion world. Que Kerby Jean-Raymond entering the scene with his line “Pyer Moss”. Winner of CFDA fashion fund prize, Pyer Moss has emerged as one of the hottest brands on the scene. Jean-Raymond’s line, named after his mother, was designed to celebrate Black culture in America. No wonder why the brand is so “woke”. From playing documentaries in the backdrop of his shows, to provative slogan tees, Jean-Raymond is determined to make a statement.

And we’re here for it.  Check it out:

Pyer Moss “911” Tee. “Stop calling the police on the culture.”

Laquan Smith

When you think “glam” you think LaQuann Smith without even knowing it. He has dressed some of the most famous and influential women in popular culture! You know those bad ass sexy outfits that Cardi B, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian wear? Yup, that’s this guy. Smith’s line aims to be sensual and sophisticated all with the mission to give women more confidence. Smith, a young voice in the industry, also wants to change how the industry operates in terms of valuing young & diverse talent and supporting their growth, and we think he is going just that.

One of the many looks we can thank Laquan Smith for!

Virgil Abloh– “The Ultimate Cool Kid”

Virgil Abloh is the ultimate cool kid. He is the first on this list not to hail from New York, proving that great fashion doesn’t just originate in New York. Best known for this line  “Off-white” Abloh has made a splash in the luxury world. Starting as Creative Director for Kanye, Abloh quickly made a name for himself going on to create his label “Off-white”. His most recent accomplishment has been working for Louis Vuitton as their Artistic Director of Menswear.

You definitely know his work! Remember that harness Michael B. Jordan wore to the SAG awards? Or the gym shoes Coach K rocked during the college basketball finals? That was all him!

Romeo Hunte

Another Brooklyn native, Romeo Hunte, is known for his cool conservative and intricate women’s wear line. Seamlessly balancing creativity and practicality, Romeo has dressed the like of Zendaya and even Beyonce has been seen in one of his signature buffalo check shawls. This man is shutting down the competition winning award after award. In 2016 WWD and Teen Vogue put him on their designers to watch list. He’s been invited to the MET gala the few couple years, AND in 2017 he was nominated for the womenswear fashion group international Rising Star Award.

Hunte could easily become the new Givenchy, Gucci, or Louis V and we’re here for it. Plus, any work that includes Ellen and Former First Lady Michelle Obama- Yes, Please.

Dapper Dan

Last, but certainly not least, is Dapper Dan. If you haven’t heard of him you’ve been living under a rock!  This guy drips style. The oldest on our list, proving that oldies are in fact still relevant in today’s fashion landscape. Dapper Dan gave Black culture access to luxury brands by pairing their materials with hemlines and silhouettes that were tailored to the culture. He opened his original store in the early 1980’s before being sued by luxury brands and being forced to close his store. Dapper Dan is the father of Hip-Hop attire, having dressed the Notorious BIG. Known for the Uptown Dandy look, Dapper Dan has made a comeback with his recent collaboration with Gucci and we hope he’ll stay for a while to come.

Well there you have it. While there are a TON of black men taking the industry by storm; these 5 stood out to us for their dedication and service to the community and the industry. Maybe one day, D.M. Burton will be on that list!

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