What’s happening? No, Seriously. I can’t be the only one with a giant WTF happening mentality. We passed 60 days of quarantine, and honestly, I never thought it’d get this far. Call it blissful ignorance. I was excited to recenter me, and our brand. I peaked too fast. I look back on our first email and I was so full of optimism and well-meaning words, now here we are a couple of emails later and I’m trying not to swear every other fucking word. My bluntness isn’t due to frustration or anger; it’s just who I am. As Meg Thee Stallion  says, “I’m a savage.” 

Photo by Ian Taylor

For me, owning and running my business is so intimately wrapped into who I am. Moreover, my business happens to be named after me so there goes the increased pressure. I didn’t realize the work I wanted to do for my business was so centered around the work I had to do on myself. Somewhere my therapist is reading this and smiling. I’m writing a full blog on this topic (Check out our new lifestyle section!), so I won’t bore you here. The point I want to make is THIS is the time. We need to not only ‘reopen’ we need to rethink. Our Business community is resilient and we will get through this and be successful. Success will look like reimagined business models, targeted marketing strategies, and a whole lot of personality. Over the past months, I’ve been revisiting our goals and thinking about the brand we want to be; we’re Classy, Bougie, and ratchet, just like me. Stuck on who you want to be? Call me.

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