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Hi Friends, 

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Which at this point in 2020, is normal. It seems like every time I write one of these emails there is some sweeping new headline. This week there isn’t; we are still talking about Black Lives. Since we’ve swapped out our traditional marketing plan to one the highlights black voices, ideas, and businesses we’ve received some positive feedback. We’ve also received some negative feedback. To clear the air, we are open for business to EVERY business and organization. Our free consulting program is the only initiative that is open solely for Black-Owned businesses.


These results amplify an idea I’ve known to be true for a while, cause-related marketing is a vital component to business success. NOW is the time to double down on these marketing efforts. I recently rejoined Tinder (Still looking for a husband, boys) and I see this concept playing out in my swipes. The more vapidand self-absorbed the profile, the less I am into it. But when they talk about their passions, motivations, and ambitions… I’m here for it. We’ve often touted the connection between sales & marketing and dating because they have the same goal; to build a mutually beneficial relationship. While each business’s client relationships look different, they all start with the same feeling—similar to dating. It’s a sense of connection, shared ideals, and attraction that builds a strong foundation. So…are you connecting with your customers in a meaningful way? We’re here to help you answer that question.



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