“That was fun, let’s do it again.

“That was fun, let’s do it again.” I’ve typed those words after a date many times, but something about using them now seems serendipitous, especially given my lack of dating life at the current time. Often times I compare and contrast business to dating, when deciding when to send our next email, I found myself making the same comparisons. On our last e-mail, we had a 66% open rate and above 5% click-through rate, I have to say, our ‘first date’ was a success. As we all know, the timing between the first and second date is crucial. When should you follow-up, what should you say? How to you sound interested but don’t come off too strong? It’s a lot to balance. 

Balance is key, now more than ever; and I am not just talking about your email marketing campaigns. Capitalizing on opportunities during a pandemic requires balance. Introducing new workflows to your operating procedures requires balance. Replacing your water with a Gin & Tonic at 3:00pm before your third zoom call of 4 requires balance. I can attest, all three of these things are key to making it through. If you need to take half a day, take it. Want to take a 2 hour lunch so you can get outside? Do it. Want to outsource your Social Media Marketing or need marketing advice so you don’t have to deal with it? Call me, I’ll balance you out. 

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