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Team Member Spotlight: Meet Maria!

DM Burton is pleased to welcome Maria to our team! She is our new Graphic Design artist! How did we know Maria was a perfect fit? Well, there were a few simple reasons. Maria has had a strong working career working pretty much everywhere from Starbucks to Apple. She is currently in school studying toward a dual BA in Studio Art and Creative Writing. Outside of the work grind, Maria loves her hobbies: Cooking, baking, and teaching theatrical classes. 

Maria also loves using her creativity to create art, play video games, read and dabble in the writing arts. Maria also is proud mama to 3 kitties. She has great dreams of one day opening a safe haven for special needs, senior, and infant cats that need a safe foster home. 

If you want to know the way to Maria’s heart, learn her mom’s meatloaf recipe – it’s her favorite food! On the other hand, if you want to know Maria’s #1 vacation spot, Colorado is where to go (however, she’ll settle for anywhere with a killer mountains, or somewhere with low light pollution to be able to practice her chart constellations). Maria loves learning and calls herself a nerd who loves science.

Maria is a fierce digital native and has joined DM Burton as a content producer. Among her many tasks, Maria is tasked with working with account managers and clients to create engaging content to meet marketing needs. She also acts as a collaborative member of the D.M. Burton team ensuring overall our clients are satisfied. Maria is great at taking deadlines head-on, creating engaging designs and has experience in Copy Writing, Content Editing and most importantly, design.

Welcome, Maria!

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