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Raised by style and thought that people should do business with integrity, We are not business as usual. As such, our blog isn’t your typical B2B blog. Your going to find real stories about real professionals making the world a better place, unbiased advice, and a whole lotta Sas. 

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How to Achieve the Perfect Insta photo

Influencers aren’t the only ones allowed to be glamtastic. If you’re anything like me, sometimes cruising through Instagram can make you sick with FOMO. All the super fabulous models rocking the hottest trends and seeming like an ad from Vogue can seem like a task too daunting to recreate. Alas, all the cute outfits you

Making Space for Pride: An Interview with Anna Deshawn

We had the honor of interviewing Anna Deshawn. She is the amazing creator behind the online radio show E3. The show self identifies as an “authentically-edgy radio streams from a queer point of view”.  Anna started E3 because she saw the need for a platform for people who’s voices weren’t being heard, to tell their

Why Every Business Needs to be on Social Media

Once upon a time, businesses had no choice but to do old school marketing. They had to hire people for pennies on the dollar to pass out fliers, do radio adverts, TV commercials, and take out full-page ads in the newspapers. How time-consuming, how frustrating and how ineffective. True, back in the day these were

5 ways to Establish Credibility as a New Brand

It’s hard being the new kid on the block The ink has finally dried on your business license, you’ve polished the fixtures in your store a million times, and you are ready to open your doors.  After all the tears, sweat, perseverance, and support from your loved ones, the floodgates have burst open and you

Pride Watch: Interview with Samuel James

As a small business, we are always looking to collaborate and support other small businesses. This month, we had the honor of speaking with Samuel James from Samuel James Watches.  Now if you haven’t heard of Samuel James watches, you’ve got to check them out! Samuel James is a self-described “small-town watch company with some

Authentic Pride Marketing 101

How to not be a clique June is right around the corner. Can you believe it? We are pretty much half way through 2019. If you are anything like me, you need a break from 2019. Luckily, June is also Pride month, as a gay man, the “Birthday Month” rule applies; calling for celebration everyday.

Understand us, better.

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Lunch with Darien Marion-Burton

“the relationships I have built there are valuable beyond money.”

OPRF chamber holds annual meeting

“I was in this room and thought, ‘maybe next year, it will be me ‘”

Pedal Pub is wheeling toward Quad-Cities...

“It’s a new idea. We want to make sure we’re doing this in a safe manner” 

Village hall takes to social media

The village of Forest Park is planning to offer its own Facebook page to share announcements and pertinent information with residents.