How to Leverage Social Media for your Brand this Holiday Season

We know we know: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, building snowmen, and sledding until you think your nose will fall off is the pinnacle of the Holiday Seasons – when you’re a kid, that is. As the holiday season’s come up, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all optimal times to be cruising the social media worlds and upping your social media game. After all, with Cyber Monday upon us and people fighting for the best deals, more and more people are taking to the internet and cruising pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for deals, catching up with friends, and overall looking for some holiday inspirations. Let’s find out how to up your social media game.

Deck the Halls

In the social media world, looks are everything. If influencers need to look good all the time to get followers, then your business page should look good, too. And with the holidays that idea is more than easy to accomplish! Put on a festive cover photo on your Facebook page to make your companies profile picture have a flair to it. If it has your company logo on it, for example, maybe add a little turkey for Thanksgiving or a candy-cane hanging from the logo for Christmas. If you’re a small business, make sure to add personal flair to show your personality to your followers (obviously, big companies can do this, too). If you’re having office parties to celebrate the holidays, decorations in the office, or show a rocking ugly sweater worn by an employee. There’s no reason for your page not to post things in the holiday spirit. Heck, even have a blog or two discussing the holiday season.

Jingle All the Way

While obviously, you’re trying to sell your brand and make yourself appealing to the masses, focusing too much on marketing can come off as obvious and kind of cheap. We all want deals during the season, but don’t make it too obvious that all you want is a quick buck from your consumers – because honestly, you want more than that: you want a long-standing relationship with them and repeat customers. In between deals, coupons and BOGO deals, have some posts where you ask people questions about the holidays, such as favorite thanksgiving food, Christmas traditions, etc… If you still want them to think about your brand, you can also share some of your own fun traditions. Maybe have a cookie exchange and live tweet/facebook live it, anything to keep people engaged in your content.

#HereComes #SantaClaus

Any brand on social media should be using hashtags or tags in general on all their posts to get more people engaged. People who don’t even know your brand can come across your social media page and become new consumers or networking partners. The holidays are the best way to use hashtags authentically and in a fun and potentially creative way. You can always make up your own, but we suggest scouring the web for the current trend in the holiday season. However, make sure the tags match the post. If your post is about thanksgiving and eating some tasty mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, don’t do #Santa because that has nothing do with what you’re talking about and will immediately come off as disingenuous and just trying to get views, and who wants to follow a company who does that.

Timing is Everything

When making your facebook page relevant to the holidays, you should think about how to make it the easiest way for your consumers to get your products. For example, add a buy now button of Facebook. This way if you share your sales, people can get their purchase directly from your facebook page rather than having to go directly to your website. While getting hits on your site is always good, allowing people to get their purchases directly from facebook means an instant purchase because chances are, they might see your deal, tell themselves they’ll go to your site later, and then completely forget about it. You should also set aside a set amount of money on facebook market ads to get viewers to your page and site. Finally, think about the type of consumers you’re trying to get. Try to have last-minute deals for those who aren’t always the best at keeping track of time (I’m looking at you, fellas).

With the holidays upon us, this is a crucial time to get the most bang for your buck in terms of sales and hopefully repeat consumers. So get your hot cocoa, snuggle up with your favorite movie, and bust out those sales.

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