How to Achieve the Perfect Insta photo

Influencers aren’t the only ones allowed to be glamtastic.

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If you’re anything like me, sometimes cruising through Instagram can make you sick with FOMO. All the super fabulous models rocking the hottest trends and seeming like an ad from Vogue can seem like a task too daunting to recreate. Alas, all the cute outfits you wiggle your way into can feel unnoticed without the starving eyes of the masses “hearting” your photos. You try taking your own and all you can see is your flaws: a double chin made more noticeable by the shadows cascading from your bathroom window, hair that seems like it ran away with the wind, a pimple that still seems to shine through even when you swear you masked it under a layer of thick concealer. 

While the task may seem impossible, being able to produce an Outfit of the Day (OOTD) can actually be relatively simple. All you need to rock your OOTD and make your Instagram the envy of all your peers is; lighting, scenery and a good friend to be your photographer 

Putting together the Puzzle.

Of course, the most important thing about OOTD is in the title: the outfit. While Marilyn Monroe may have been able to rock a potato sack, let’s be real: the most beautiful woman in the world is not one of us. While your outfit may not be the only thing to help you stand out against all the other #OOTDs, it is the most vital component to your whole look. Think about the outfit you want to wear. The colors (or lack thereof) that compliment each other rather than trying to fight against each other. You shouldn’t stop at just the shirt and pants, accessories such as purses, jewelry, watches, and even sunglasses can make your look go from “blah” to “Oh hell nah, how’s this person so stylishly perfect?” Once you have that outfit, you’re on your way to making a perfect OOTD (and hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a pic or two focused on those fabulous accessories).

Woman Wearing Black and White Polka-dot Shirt With Black Short Shorts Holding Black Leather Tote Bag Sitting on White Concrete Bench

Location, Location, Location

If every photo you have of your OOTD is you standing in a 4X4 cracked bathroom mirror with your phone covering half your face, you aren’t wowing anyone. Most OOTD’s do a great job of doing one of two things: a) Making a blank canvas to get their outfit to pop; or b) finding a great location to add depth but not take away from the most important feature – the outfit. Most influencers suggest standing in front of a blank wall or going off the beaten path to find an interesting setting. If you’re traveling, find a cool location – such as a beach – to really make your audience double back and have their own case of FOMO.

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Dog ears are so passé

While Snapchat is good for goofing around and playing gender-swap, it’s not so great for your OOTD. If all your #OOTDs are just you with a pair of dog ears and a cartoon dog-tongue poking out, you’re lost to the masses as; a) a thot and b) an uncreative bore.

Now don’t get it twisted: filters aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Most people who do #OOTD are always using a filter. Find one that will help smooth out the imperfections (such as a pimple – hey we’re only human) while also not whitewashing you. Even the untrained eye can spot a crappy unnatural filter. You want something that’ll make the color pop without looking like obvious over-saturation. Asking a friend or loved one for a second look is always positive. If they’re really your friend they’ll want you to succeed in looking natural and not a porcelain doll. 

It’s a party, Not a funeral

Lighting can make or break a picture. If you have a slamming outfit, a great location, and a smile that “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” can write about, but have crappy lighting, that picture will come out as such: crappy. Taking a couple of “test” photos is a great way to ensure you’ll look your best. This is why photos taken in a bathroom or bedroom still can look sort of dull. Your 70-watt bulb just isn’t up to snuff compared to the great outdoors. You don’t necessarily have to trek through 30 miles of desert to get good light. Sometimes just a stroll through the neighborhood is an easy enough way to find the perfect spot.

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Walk the Catwalk 

Taking one photo simply isn’t enough. If you only take a single photo and call it a day, chances are your photo will seem forced. This is when having a good friend or family member as your photographer comes into play. Ask someone to take the photo for you. As previously stated, if all you do is take photos of yourself in a mirror, you’re missing the whole mystique of glamour – because, let’s be honest, that’s part of the goal. Having someone else take your photo gives you the chance to really strut your stuff and focus on your pose. Try several poses, try a smile, hell – even have your hair whipping back and forth. Anything that will make people stop and stare because just standing straight like a stick isn’t anything to write home about. The more you add personality into your style, the more you set yourself apart. A lot of OOTD champions will pretend to walk just to create some interesting dynamics. Remember; the goal is to set you apart from the crowd and make you memorable. 

While OOTD can seem overwhelming, it’s like anything new: if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Once you get into the swing of things you can quickly become an OOTD champion.

Written by: Lauren Anderson

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