Do I have to go?

Ultimate guide to how to dress like you give a damn, when you don’t.

What to wear, when you don’t wanna

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. For some of us it happens more frequently than others, but it does happen. At some point or another we all have to get up, get dressed and do something we don’t want to do. Being an adult means sucking it up, putting on the proverbial “Big Kid Pants,” and getting the job done. I literally have that exact same feeling as I am writing this blog post! Luckily for me, we’re a start-up without an office, so I can sit in the nude and work. Now, there’s an image that will get burned into your brain.

Back to the point at hand; unless the task you don’t want to do is something you can do sitting in your house, you can’t do it without some clothes on. You can certainly run out of the house in PJs and a hoodie, but in today’s world, you never know who you might run into. Face it, if you’re going to an event or outing, PJs and a hoodie probably aren’t going to fly.

Whether you overdid a Sunday Funday, just have no motivation, have a daunting task ahead of you, or any other reason you just can’t fathom putting on clothes, have no fear. We are going show you how to achieve a flawless look while staying comfy. So get up, sip some coffee, and put your game face on. If that fails you will at least look stylish and feel comfy while single handedly blowing up your career because you wanted to do Jaeger bombs at Britany night.

What to wear when forgot your said yes to going out.

Let’s set the scene, you are sitting down on a Friday night to binge some Netflix or to play your favorite XBOX game. You get a call from your college roommate and you realize that they are back in town and you promised them that you were going to go out. For a moment you think, “just don’t answer the phone” but the last time they were in town you missed them and you do really want to see them. A bit begrudgingly you answer the phone and confirm that you will be ready in 45 minutes. As you put the phone down you think, UGH, why did I say yes? What am I going to wear?

Luckily you can get away with a ton of looks in this situation depending on what you plan on doing and where you are going. Take note, this isn’t college anymore girls, so please don’t go pulling out the leggings and flowy tops, and guys, a graphic tee and jeans just won’t cut it anymore.

Let’s chat pants. In this situation go with a straight or skinny fit jean in a dark or black wash. However, make sure your jeans have built in stretch; honestly, why do they make non-stretch jeans anyways? These type of pants will slim your silhouette and give you that sleek night-out look. Now, there are some exceptions to this rule. For men, feel free to go with a cool pair of joggers; however, if you are going to do this, make sure they are not a basic cotton jogger. Go with a washed grey khaki in a relaxed fit.  Women, this is a great time to pull out the flowy pants; Heirloom pants are great and give you a cool look without giving up comfort.

Turn up the look with a flashy, unconstructed third piece This may be an asymmetrical moto-cut cotton jacket or that perfectly broken in leather jacket that you love. You can even throw a blazer in the mix that’s made from a non traditional fabric like a jersey knit with a funky pattern. This is also a great time to think about adding a hat as your third piece; not only will do that add a cool factor to the look, but it will also cut down on hair maintenance, and that my friends we consider that a win-win!

For the shoes and the top, just keep it simple. A good quality t-shirt and chuck taylors is fine. I mean, they’re lucky you even are going out, right?  

What to wear when you Hungover AF.

Its 11am on Sunday morning, and you head off to brunch with your BFFs. You opt for a great bottomless, boozy, brunch place, because why not? Next thing you know you’re deciding to continue the party on a rooftop patio. Suddenly, it’s 11:00pm, the tequila is flowing and you are chatting up the cute guy at the bar. Then reality hits you in the face like the piercing chill you get when you walk outside in the middle of winter in Chicago; it’s Sunday night! In less than 12 hours, you have to get up and face the real world: work. Yikes! You try to remedy the situation by going home and sleeping only to wake up with a massive hangover and a text from your coworker saying your boss wants a status update meeting with you both in his office at 11:00am.

Dressing professionally while hungover is an art that everyone should master. If you are going to be a hot mess, you shouldn’t look a hot mess. Every office has different dress codes, so beware these may not work for all offices. Basically, if you have to wear a suit, you have to wear a suit. While you can opt for your more comfy suit and relaxed fitted dress shirt, it’s still not the ideal situation. I mean, who wants to be buttoned up when you barely have the will to live?

In this situation, we’d say no to the jeans. From an impression standpoint, no matter how casual your office is, jeans still make you look like your a less serious professional, that look paired with your hangover might not go over too well with your boss. Instead, go for a nice Chino or 5 pocket pant. Pants like these will give you a more professional look but often times are just as comfy as jeans. In fact, they make chinos with stretch. Yes, please!

As for your shirts, you are going to want to stick with one with a collar. We’d go with a sport shirt or a short tail dress shirt. Really, any constructed top will work. However you are going to want to tuck the front part of the shirt and pull your pants over your tummy while keeping the back of the shirt out. Not only does this aid in reducing the appearance of bloating, it give you a more put-together look while still being comfortable. Trust me, this feels amazing.

Now that I just told you untuck half your shirt let’s talk about how to hide it … the THIRD PIECE!!! I have two schools of thought when it comes to wearing a third piece during this time. You can do with an unconstructed blazer which gives you ton of comfort without sacrificing comfort. What we like even more is a super constructed piece. Yes, more rigid but it keep you in the professional mindset and provides some structure for the mess that is going on.

What to wear when you just don’t want to Adult.

Who wants to adult on a Saturday? No one. But let’s face it, you need to do all those things that you put off during the week. That epic to-do list, family commitments, and trying to get in some relaxation time can make for a wardrobe identity crisis. Your mom will be mad you if you look sloppy, but who wants to wear anything on Saturday but comfy clothes? Let’s be honest, you don’t even want to leave the couch, so why would you want to put on pants?

For moments like this, bring out the joggers! They have the comfiness of sweatpants but the tapper at the bottom gives them a more pulled together look. They come in various textures and colors, so mom won’t even know that you are technically wearing sweats.

The key to pulling off this look is wearing tonal color matches. Pair those green joggers with a similar tone grey hoodie and a white shirt. Make sure you match your shirt to your shoes and you are good to go. Yeah, you could do more but… it’s your off day, why deal with buttons?

Whatever the situation, you can rest easy knowing it’s possible to be comfy, stylish and look like you got your life together even if you don’t.

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