Team Member Spotlight: Meet Maria!

DM Burton is pleased to welcome Maria to our team! She is our new Graphic Design artist! How did we know Maria was a perfect fit? Well, there were a few simple reasons. Maria has had a strong working career working pretty much everywhere from Starbucks to Apple. She is currently in school studying toward […]

20 Original Costume Ideas for Halloween 2019

Whether you have a million dollars or five, there is no reason why your Halloween costume can’t be the talk of the party. Of course, the more money you put into your costume, the better it will come out. Money, however, doesn’t always have to make or break a really creative costume. Sometimes, even the […]

You’s a Fake B!+ch: How to Spot a Designer Knock Off

We’ve all seen really crappy made knockoff bags: Coach Becomes Goach, Louis Vitton becomes a mish-mash of vague shapes that resemble an L and a V, Burberry becomes Frankenberry – You get the picture. Point is, it’s super easy to spot the fake-fake bags, but can you spot a really good fake? The knock-off industry […]

5 Ways to Increase Your Overall Social Media Reach

We know, we know: we’re obsessed with talking about social media, but in our defense, so is everyone else. And why shouldn’t we be? There are currently 3.2 billion social media users in 2019 alone and that number is ever-growing. With so many easy leads you’d be a fool as a brand not to be […]

How to Achieve the Perfect Insta photo

Influencers aren’t the only ones allowed to be glamtastic. If you’re anything like me, sometimes cruising through Instagram can make you sick with FOMO. All the super fabulous models rocking the hottest trends and seeming like an ad from Vogue can seem like a task too daunting to recreate. Alas, all the cute outfits you […]