How to get your E-commerce business ready for the Holiday Season

We all know about Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving when retail stores get destroyed by thirsty consumers looking for the greatest deals – but does every E-commerce Business know about Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is the following Monday after Thanksgiving that has deals out the wazoo. If you do know about the latest trend, are you prepared? Here we’ll discuss the best ways to get you prepped for not only Cyber Monday, but the holidays that follow.

Time is Money

First things first: everyone has a bottom line – and that includes time spent. When you have a chance to score something like the latest jewelry at 30 percent off and time is ticking, that’s the consumers better time spent. In fact, it turns out that 57 percent of consumers are willing to walk away from a page if it doesn’t load within three seconds, so make sure your website is up to snuff. If your site doesn’t load quickly, this tells consumers you’re probably a scam or not worth their time and will quickly skip over to another website to get what they’re after. Let’s be real: if your website isn’t a first responder, how can the customer trust you’re going to be reliable?

Now We Ain’t Grandma’s Christmas Cookies

Obviously, one of the most important things to bring in the Christmas season is to play up the aspect of, well, Christmas. However, no one wants to see a 1990’s email from grandma on a reputable site. You can always have fun and kitschy little logo alluding to Christmas on one of your pages. Just make sure that have Christmas sales-specific pages allude to, well, Christmas. Your homepage can also have a fun Christmas edge without going ho-ho-ho all the way. What we mean by this is that we’ve all seen those websites that obviously haven’t been worked on in the last 5 years. The sites look glitchy, the images pixelated, a silly logo that looked like it was made by a five-year-old. Make sure your page looks refined and sharp. Nice pictures request a logo design from a professional, make sure your links are organized and not cluttered. You want an overall clean look.

Now I Ain’t Saying You’re a Gold Digger.

Of course, it’d be silly to pay full price for things when the holiday seasons are bursting with deals. Make sure to highlight your deals on your companies Facebook and Twitter pages. By linking to your website’s deals, you can not only increase your follower’s interest and drive to your site, but people can like and comment on products your selling, and share the deals to get their friends interest piqued and drive followers that way, as well.

Chop! Chop! 

When driving viewers to your page, make sure that your page is not only beautiful but efficient, too. While it’s a good idea to focus on aspects such as search engine optimizations, efficient categories, a pretty page, and large photos to catch the viewer’s eyes, make sure your site has the bandwidth to support it and load efficiently and effectively. As stated previously, people are quick to turn away from your site if it takes too long. While a glitz and glam page isn’t bad, making sure it is efficient and accessible is more important in the long run. 

Woop! Woop! That’s the Sound of the Police!

With so many people turning to the web to buy their loved ones the items of their dreams, so does all the scammers. These scammers aren’t just Prince’s in Nigeria about to promise you 1,000,000 dollars. No, these guys do more than trick your grandma on Facebook pretending to be your cousin and wiring strangers money. You don’t want to be blamed for people’s bank accounts being attacked for lazy security measures. Educate yourself and your team to recognize cyberattacks, such as distributed denial of service attacks, as well as invest in security solutions to help lower risks.

The holiday seasons are quickly turning to e commerce side of things rather than going to big box stores. Make sure your website and social media pages are up to snuff and ready to take on the new selling world!

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