5 Ways to Increase Your Overall Social Media Reach

We know, we know: we’re obsessed with talking about social media, but in our defense, so is everyone else. And why shouldn’t we be? There are currently 3.2 billion social media users in 2019 alone and that number is ever-growing. With so many easy leads you’d be a fool as a brand not to be over the moon with social media. While there are plenty of ways to increase your Facebook views, let’s look into the 5 ways you can help increase your social media reach. 

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1. Make sure your posts are “Evergreen”

Think of the dead of winter when everything seems like a barren wasteland from some apocalyptic book that would have Cormac Macarthy foaming at the mouth. Do you know what still is lively and bright? Pine and evergreen trees. Even when everything seems dead, these guys keep trekking. Your posts should embody the evergreens and keep floating on when all the other ads are dead in the water. Don’t give your posts an expiration date. Even if your brand is on the drier end of things, there’s no reason you can’t post something humorous, shocking, or awe-inspiring.

2. Don’t Spam Me, Bruh

 While we often harp on posting and posting often, posting too much can make you quickly become white noise. As we said previously, your posts shouldn’t have an expiration date. This is why you should take the time to make memorable posts. Your social media sites should be about quality, not quantity. While there isn’t an exact science to how much you should post, most suggest posting twice a day is a good amount without making your viewers tune you out.

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3. Target (No, Not the Store)

 Facebook has a great feature now to make sure your demographic is seeing your posts. It’s called targeting and all facebook pages have it. The idea is you set the parameter to who you want to see your post and Facebook will make sure those posts go into the respective persons feed. Smaller brands or ones just starting out should aim to target at least 20 people per post. Some features you should consider targeting to best represent your brand are gender, age, relationship status, education level, interests, language, and location. Choose a couple of these to get your posts the best exposure.

4. Know When to Post

While it seems logical to post at peak Facebook times, this isn’t always the best strategy. When you’re fighting against a thousand other voices, it’s easy for your brand to get drowned out. With this in mind, the best times to post are Facebook on Thursdays and Fridays from 1-3, and Twitter on weekdays between 1-6. These times will be quieter, but it will also allow you the chance to stand out.

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5. Promote Yourself!

 This one should be simple, but make sure to promote yourself everywhere. If you just sit staring at your brand’s facebook and twitter, chances are people aren’t just going to stumble across your page. Make sure you mention your social media presence by posting it where needed. This means on your business website, business cards, your storefront if you have one, and the signature in your emails. This will increase your views without you having to sound like a crazy person talking about it wherever you go.

While social media is constantly growing and it can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, being persistent, knowing where and when to post, and knowing who to post to are all ways to increase your overall social media reach.

Written by: Lauren Anderson

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