4 Latinx Designers That Are Changing the Game

Every designer has something different to offer the world of fashion! We love designers that are all different races, ethnicities, and sizes, but today we want to focus on our favorites from the Latinx community. Here are some of our standout favorites!

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, the two new creative directors of “Monse”. Fernando grew up in the Dominican Republic and grew up traveling Northern Spain. While he went to school for Architecture, Fernando quickly turned his passion for creativity and design and turned it into the fashion world. He played a large role in creating some of the most iconic pieces in the Oscar de la Renta collection.

Benito Santos

Born to be the fashion guru of the world, Benito Santos studied fashion at the Institute of Guadalajara in Lanspiac. What started as a passion for cartoons turned to a passion for fashion. His main clutch in the fashion world is elegant gowns. His wedding designs became the talk of the fashion world. However, his fashion dabbles in all different types of fashion! For an example of his brilliance, for mens wear, he appears to prefer bulky, simple pieces that also show creative boldness.

Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez has no time for gender-norms. In fact, he’s actively fighting against them with his line of fashion. Whether man or woman, Raul likes to bend what sorts of fashion are meant for who. Taking influence from his seamstress Latina grandmother from the Dominican Republic, Raul prides himself on his unique work. Lopez is most famous for his gender-bending norms in the street-wear fashion label “Hood by Air”. 

Image result for gabriela hearst

Gabriela Hearst

Of course, we can’t forget the Latinx women of fashion and Gabriela Hearst seems to have that on us with her trendy fashion. Born in Uruguay, Gabriela grew up on her family’s ranch (which she still maintains today). Best akin to the US brand Hermes, Gabriela has made fashion headlines with her top quality pieces and her fine use of garments. She goes for a more simplistic look, but sometimes simple is sweet, and with fine quality on the line, you can’t go wrong with a piece from Gabriela Hearst’s collection.

Whatever the designer, we are so excited about what fashion has to offer from the fabulous designers the fashion industry has to offer.

Written by: Lauren Anderson

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