2019 Pride Fashion Must-Haves

Ahhh! It’s Pride month… time for rainbows EVERYWHERE. If you follow my personal social media (@daremare) you know I’m a sucker for cheeky pride shit. Like, yes please! However, one thing that I struggle with is wearing them during all times or the year. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% out and proud! I have no shame in expressing my sexual identity, but, it’s hard to walk around in a shirt that says, “I’m gay and I slay.” Not that I don’t feel comfortable, it just isn’t me and how I portray myself in daily life… not everyday is as campy as the met gala.  Truly, those clothes aren’t meant to be worn all year long.

With that in mind, I’ve composed my list of Pride Fashion “must-haves”. These AMAZING pieces are great in that they show off your pride, but are cool enough that they can be worn all year long. Buy ‘em now before they are all out!

Todd Synder

I LOVE this. Let’s be honest, everyone thinks members of the LGBT community, specfically gay men only like to go out and party. Well, I much prefer a “chilling on the couch, watching netflix with a cute boy and his dog”, kind of night. This sweater is a perfect way to show your pride even on chilly days! Pair it with your comfiest joggers and a pair of minimalist sneakers and you are ready for a perfect fall day! You can check it out here.  

Original Penguin

First, off… Original Penguin’s decision to use this dude as their model should be applauded. Generally, I am not a fan of labels, but when they come through like this, it’s a cute cheeky way to say, “I like to take it up the butt”. It’s not as obvious as most shirts of this kind, but will certainly help you accomplish your goals, IRL. You can check out more of the collection here.    


If there is any group that took the ugly sneaker trend to a whole other level in 2019 it’s the LGBT community. Don’t get me wrong, I was not a fan of this trend at first, but, I think this sneaker get’s my favorite part of the movement. You can have clean lines without being clean. The subtle stripe is just icing on the cake. Get these updated classics here.  

Wild Fang

FUCK ALABMA! But seriously, as a gay man I am 100% cognizant on the role that intersectional feminism plays in the world. Unfortunately, men don’t like to stand up sometimes, and if it wasn’t for the ladies, we might not have some of our rights. Show your support of all our Queer femmes! They need us like we need them. Even if you aren’t a female, you can still rock this ultra stylish shirt. In fact, it makes a great statement on a man. Buy it here.


Did someone say Pride third piece!?! OMG. I am OBSESSED with this jacket. I am so speechless, mainly because I just bought it and I am currently trying to figure out what event to wear it to! SO SICK! You can keep the look super sophisticated with dark wash jeans and a pressed oxford.  Get it here.


What kind of Pride month about clothing would this be if I didn’t mention underwear. One of the things I LOVE about TomboyX is that they are a queer underwear company. They make undies that are super comfortable for everyone and have super cute patterns. Don’t get me wrong, there are sexier pride underwear options, but these are the best way to show your pride year round! Get them here.

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