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Personal Styling

We take a personal approach to personal style. Our Team of Stylists are here to help make sure you accurately and authentically represent your personal brand.

Brand Development

With a unique focus on start-ups and small to medium size businesses, our brand development team will work with you get your message across with your key targeted demographics.

Corporate Styling

Times are changing, and so is the way we do business. Let our team of resident “Cool Kids” help your company stay attractive and hip and there for, competitive.

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Creative Development

No matter the project, big or small, our design team is here to help. With quick turn-around times and a 100% satisfaction, you’ll wonder why we don’t do all your marketing.

Research and Planning

Understanding your key demographics spending habits is paramount to staying competitive. We can help you identify areas of growth and opportunity that appeal to your key demographics

Confidence & Coalition Building

Wether you are looking for the confidence to ask someone one a date, or convince investors you have a soild buisness idea, let our team inspire confidence and build a coalition around your brand.

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Meet the cool kids.

Cynthia Martz
Creative Associate

Cynthia Martz
Creative Associate

Darien Marion-Burton

Darien Marion-Burton

Melissa Granados
Managing Editor

    Melissa Granados
    Managing Editor

    Elizabeth Perez
    Lead Photographer

      Elizabeth Perez
      Lead Photographer

      What our clients say

      D.M. Burton is amazing. The outfits they put together out of the pieces I already own make me feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. They also provided valuable insight into where my wardrobe has some holes and the vital pieces that I should be on the look-out for. Not only was the consult invaluable but it was also a blast! Darien is professional, creative, knowledgeable and a joy to be around. Highly recommend!

      Alex Pochron
      Real Estate Broker

      Proud to say I went to college with him and the name Darien Marion-Burton was ALWAYS well-known. Having to work closely with him on multiple exec boards, he did well. Also, seeing him continuously making progress years after graduating, I am confident in his ability to exemplify even greater success. Check out his styling packages, services, and consultations that he can provide to you!

      Crystal Gray
      Speech Language Pathologist

      Our work

      Julie Dambra

      Christian Harris

      Julie & Mike Engagement

      Christian Harris for Village Trustee

      Project title

      Project title

      Project title

      Project title

      Who we are

      We’re style gurus and we’re not just talking about clothing. We give you tools to swagger into the boardroom, close that deal, host those events, and be a total Bad-Ass. Not only will we help you look your best, but we will also help you translate that style into every part of your business life.

      • 24/7 on call styling support
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Dedicated Staff that shares a commitment to your values

      Concentrated Power of Will
      Reason to remember the name


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      About us

      We help you live you’re best life. No, Seriously. Clothing and style matter; we’d go as far as to say, what you decide to wear is the most important decision you make in the morning. When you look your best you feel and perform your best. When you feel stylish your radiate this confidence that empowers you to live with no limits.

      At D.M. Burton, we give you that larger than life feeling. We help you dress your best and develop your unique style. Through data and analytics, we are able to confidently advise you on your personal & professional style. By identifying several unique data points, we get to know the authentic you.  With so many companies taking people out of the equation, we’re putting them back in and at the center of everything we do.

      Style transcends clothing, it’s a part of everything you do, including how you do business.  The way you dress, the events you host, the boards you sit on, what you post on social media are a part of your business’ style. Let D.M. Burton elevate your business style.

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